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5 September 11:00 - 12:00

Stockholm, we've got a problem.

It's too damn hard to find good tech people.

Stockholm is bursting of innovative and exciting ideas, but it's virtually impossible to hire enough skilled developers, designers, project managers and data scientists to turn the ideas into growing businesses.

For Stockholm to keep its position as one of the world’s most innovative cities, we need to get better at hiring in a highly competitive job market.

At Aevy, we are helping Silicon Valley tech giants like Google and Oracle, as well as unicorn startups like Instacart and Blue Apron, to grow their tech teams.

Now we want to do the same for Stockholm.

Join us for a one hour session of how to hire for tech. There will be tips & tricks, dos & don’ts and some dirty little secrets that we’ve picked up over the years.

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Date: September 5

Time: 11am - 12pm

Location: Torpedfabriken, Slupskjulsvägen 30 

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